IBS Ayurvedic Treatment

IBS Treatment In Ayurveda

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IBS Treatment In Ayurveda

What Is IBS And How Can You Treat It Naturally?

As a condition with such varying symptoms, it might be impossible to nail down a single cause. However, theories exist as to what may cause the paradoxical symptoms of IBS. The following are only some of the theoretical causes of the condition.

  • A neurological problem could interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the gut (intestines), causing the muscles of the GI tract to behave abnormally, either pushing stool through too quickly or holding it in for long periods.
  • Food sensitivities, which vary from person to person, may be responsible for the array of symptoms.
  • Body chemicals, such as neurotransmitters and hormones in the GI tract, may be imbalanced.
  • For some people, bacteria in the stomach or intestines can lead to IBS symptoms.
  • Emotional or psychological stress can affect the digestive tract and lead to IBS.


How do you treat an ailment whose reason is unidentified? It might appear like a shot in the dark, but we have a sufficiently good understanding of the GI tract to know how to aid it work better, at times even without knowing what triggered its dysfunction. Dietary trialing should be part of any IBS treatment strategy. Individuals with IBS-C usually profit from adding more fiber to their diets. High-fiber diets can cause bloating and gastric issues, so your consumption might differ contingent on your body’s reaction. In order to treat this ailment, one can also opt for IBS treatment in Ayurveda.

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