Is there any side effects of the Ayurvedic Medicine?

Medicine is safe to consume with no metallic contamination, the toxicity and Microbial growth are all under check with no any side effects.

Can I get consultation regarding the IBS disease on phone?

Yes, the contact number is given in website.

Can I get rid of IBS completely?

Yes, the medicine is capable of curing the IBS completely in natural way.

Is there any chance of reoccurrence of IBS?

No, there is no chance of reoccurrence of IBS.

Is there any duration of the treatment?

Duration of the course is 3 months and the patient begins to feel positive changes near about completion of one month.

Can I get the medicine from open market anywhere?

No, we do not prepare this medicine for commercial sales, because medicine is always prepared freshly only for our patients. Hence, if you see any similar kind of medicine making rounds in the market, please refrain from taking it. It can be a dupe of our medicine.

How can I get the medicine?

By courier, contacts details are given in website. You can order it on phone or by Email

What is the mode of the payment?

We will provide the required details on phone or Emails.

Does this treatment disturb the normal life and activities?

No, only a single dose is required per day in the morning hours.

Is there any formality before procuring the medicine?

Yes, you have to fill up the patient information form which is presented to you on our website. You can also send your previous Medical reports for us to assess your situation.

Can you send medicine abroad?

Yes, we can courier the medicine abroad through courier service.