Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment By Ayurvedic Medicine (Herbal)

We have our center situated at the foothills of Himalayas in the pristine milieu of Herbertpur which hails under Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Dehradun is a herbal state which makes it an ideal site for Ayurvedic treatment for IBS.

This place is also known as Pachhava- Dun of Uttarakhand state.

Our focused center is dedicated towards offering best Ayurvedic treatment for IBS, better known as Irritable bowel Syndrome. There exists no specific treatment for IBS in the modern medicine realm, what persists is treating the problem symptomatically.

People have now shown interest in finding out IBS herbal treatment, this is a significant shift from the artificial and synthetic treatment ways to more IBS natural treatment with the use of herbs.

IBS is a long standing functional disease of colonic dysfunction which is often accompanied with alternate constipation and diarrhea – Abdominal pain, mucous, gas etc.

IBS Patient complaint of discomfort in carrying out normal activities of life. This significant disturbance and disrupt causes a stooped low esteem of the person.

Our IBS treatment in Ayurveda is based on the principle of Ayurveda, incorporating herbal and organic remedy.

The Medicine is prepared utilizing herbs which are grown organically in our fields .Method of preparation is also as described in Ancient Ayurvedic literature and the quality is also maintained strictly without adding any artificial or synthetic element. We offer the best ayurvedic medicine for IBS treatment without involvement of any machinery.

According to Ayurveda two factors are responsible for IBS .One is Agni (JATHARAGNI) and other is SAMAN VAYU.

Ayurveda consider AGNI (Digestive power) at the prime place .Any change in it may cause disturbance in the process of digestion .Other factor is aggravation of SAMAN VAYU (VATTA –DOSHA) responsible for colonic movement .If it is hampered it may cause colonic dysfunction.

Our herbal remedies for IBS is here to pacify the cause of irritable bowel syndrome.


  • We believe in holistic well-being of a person and hence take into account the health of the person and not the particular condition he is dealing with.
  • Our treatment is personalized taking into account every aspect of the person and the disease.
  • Our way of treatment is holistic and spa similar experience
  • Polyherbal formula is purely grown organically
  • Method of preparation of the medicine is totally brick and mortal type
  • No artificial and synthetic material is added
  • No toxic effect
  • Well tolerated and treated

The medicine is given with Anupan which is told in Ayurveda especially for this medicine regarding IBS .Herbal medicine is tested for Heavy metals, Microbial contamination & Pesticides. Herbal Medicine has no any side effects. Our herbal medicine not only covers the problem of IBS but also great for colon health and rejuvenate the body also.